Impee no longer showing on planner

Thanks for the update and efforts srinathv77. Hopefully you have an iOS mobile device that will allow you to try out our iOS app work-around. We will contact you either tomorrow or next Monday.

should i try out from my iphone 3 ?

I tried with Ipad same results, after blink up, green blink every seconds and no appearance in planner.

Last attempt i will try from Iphone 3.

So long as you have iOS 5 or iOS 6 you should be fine but you’ll need our new iOS beta application which we will send to you tomorrow or early next week to try out.

My iphone 3 cannot have IOS 5.

But My “Ipad 1” is running 5.1.1 and cannot upgrade to IOS 6.

what do you suggest?

We don’t actually need iOS5 or 6; the app runs on 4.2 or later. Your iPhone3G should be fine.

However, given that your imp is showing as online, and running the latest software, the issue is not blinkup - it’s configured fine. I can also see it pulling down your firmware, but can’t investigate further from here. We’ll look into it in the next couple of hours and get back to you.

Send that IOS app for me as well if possible when it’s available. My imp has the same problem, the recomission does not fixes anything (1hz green blink, no device in planner). Have ipad1 and 2 in office so should be no problem running it if we can install it without jailbreaking them.

I currently disconnected. Should I keep connected? So that you can diagnosis from your end?

@srinathv77 According to our data, your device is on your plan, but it has been moved to the left of center by ~1000 pixels. Can you try dragging your Planner around to go looking for the node off to the left of your screen?

@MiKi looks like one of your imps may have suffered from this bug we’re after. Do you have access to an iOS device?

Thanks, I found it (like u said -1000px).

I hope the UI should be fixed or shoudl have an option to show the available impees on the planner.

Now I linked Helloworld program. And when i click run, i don’t see any message on server log section. Is it that it will print the message on the impee located on the planner?

I guess it will print on the planner it self and i believe its working. Its time to do adventure thanks a lot guys.

You will only see server.log() messages if you entered the editor for that imp. Click the tool icon on the imp blob, then click edit. You should see all the server logs below the editor.

Also, the reload code button should force the imp to load your just-saved code when in this mode.

@epall Next week I will access to a Iphone 4S.

@MiKi great, can you get in touch with us at We’ll hook you up with the app on TestFlight.

hi there,

(reset/get-back) your imp !!!

it looks like my imp hangs on tick-tock prog and cant came up in planner !!!
it blinks two times orange/red to connect to my network.

[ than 3 times green like a connected one and it is still connected to my network than it blinks 12 times fast red ] <- this loops 3 times and than the lights are out !

it never cames up on planner or impees section !!!

But i found a way to (reset/get-back) my imp -
i just renamed my routers ssid and recommissioned it two times and pluggd in and out the imp from sparkfuns april between.

bevor my (reset/get-back) nothing helpd me out of this trouble but this was
the way i got it back on planner and impees section.

hope it helps someone of you dev’s !!!

sorry for my bad english im german

nice greets from there,



I have two Imps and two impees. I deleted them both from the planner (I was having issues with changing code showing up) and then when I power-cycled both my Imps, only one of them showed up in the planner. I have done bink-up on both Imps multiple times and have switched Imps in each Impee, but still only one of the Impees shows up in the planner.

When I plug an Imp into the stubborn impee that refuses to show in the planner, it blinks red-orange, red-orage, then green-green-green-green… indicating that it has connected to WiFi. This is the same action both Imps have in both Impees, but I still only see one of the impees in the Planner.

Before I deleted the impees from the planner, they were functioning, so it is unlikely that the one Impee has component damage. Also, since it is able to connect to WiFi, I am assuming that the crypto chip is functioning properly. (but this needs confirmation…)

The impee that is working correctly is being powered by the impee that does not show up in the Planner, and I have confirmed that the “missing” impee has a working 3.3V regulator (it is +5.0V USB-powered) and this 3.3V regulator does not have a noticeable drop in output voltage even with a 14mA load ( [3.3V]–[LED]–[100Ω resistor]–[GND] ).

Any ideas why my second impee isn’t showing up in the Planner?


To trace this we could do with the mac address of an imp plugged into the impee that isn’t working (plug it in, leave it there for a few minutes, then unplug it and do not use that imp for a bit so we can clearly see what happened when it connected).

Here’s the mac address of an imp plugged into the “missing” impee: 0c2a69000570

I plugged it in for a few minutes as you said and then removed it.