Squirrel Code

General questions about the Squirrel programming language.


Keep up to date with Electric Imp's official libraries! We'll post new libraries and updates to existing libraries to this category. You can also use it to request libraries (hardware or agent) that you would like to see!


Hardware comments, questions and issues

IDE & Tools

Questions and tips about the IDE, IDE API (coming soon), and external tools.


We’ll be posting occasional announcements and release notes to this new category; if you’re interested in being updated when new posts occur, you can change tracking state via the category homepage, here: https://forums.electricimp.com/c/Announcements-and-Release-Notes.


Questions about BlinkUp, status codes, and getting your imp (or imp-powered product) online.


Questions and comments about Electric Imp's documentation. This is also where we'll post about updates and release notes.


General discussions or if you don't know where to post

Device Code

Questions and tips about writing device code, including GPIO, interfacing with external hardware, managing your wifi connection, and controlling offline code.

Agent Code

Questions and tips about agent code, including writing APIs with http.onrequest, interfacing with external web services, persistent storage, etc

Feature Requests & Bug Reports

Having problems? Have a suggestion? Post them here!


Show off your Electric Imp projects!

Commercial services

A place for posting about commercial services (wanted or offered) related to electric imp

Site Feedback

Discussion about this site, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.


Presenting electric imp at an event? Share it here!


Cloud server comments, questions & issues


IDE Public Beta discussions, questions and bug reporting.

Japanese language support (日本語)

Japanese language support for electric imp