Imp-002 solder-down module

I’ve read in the API that there is an imp-002 solder-down module that has additional I/O pins available.
But I didn’t find more informations about it.
I’m really interested in it because I’m working on a project where some more I/O pins would be great!

Same here!

The solder-down module isn’t available in a developer edition; if you’re developing a product that could use this, contact

Currently, we don’t plan to sell this in the same way as the dev edition imp because it’s a much steeper curve to use it.

Much steeper curve?
Could you elaborate a bit more, so that it’s more public know what upgrade options actually exists from the current developer edition.

I was certainly looking forward to get my hands on the IMP-002 - as I’m sure many others were.

Steeper curve = you need to design and build a PCB to do anything with it, and place your own opto components.

You’ll still be able to get your hands on an IMP-002, but it won’t be through sparkfun - these come on tape & reel :slight_smile:

you need to design and build a PCB
Bring it on Hugo. This hacker will make a PCB for the IMP-002.

Thanks Hugo.

None of what you mention seems to be very much of a steep curve for at least many of your potential customers. And for those that find it a too steep curve, I’m sure then will default to the developer version and the sparkfun offerings.

Therefore I hope you will publish more info about the IMP-002, included recommended footprint, reel size etc. Not so much because I need it now, but because I’d like to know my future options and especially limitations!

The biggest issue for us is the lack of a developer edition, and dealing with the shipping of small numbers of units - eg we’d need to moisture seal every individual module when shipping it in case anyone wanted to run it through reflow.

We’re working on bringing some other distributors online though which may help here as they are capable of that level of handling for orders.

If you email manufacturer@ we can share the datasheet with you. Reel size is not yet fixed but I remember we used 200 at the last build.

So these devices would then fall under the subscription scheme?

Yes, as they’re generally not intended for prototyping use; usually they’d be sold with a minimum order quantity of a reel (or possibly a box of reels, which would be 1k).

As I said, we may be able to deal with this through distributors. Stay tuned…

Steeper curve
There are those of us who have had to deal with the “Steeper curve” for more than a decade with every new chip that has come along. There are even those who have developed developer boards for the companies to create developer kits with.

I know for our own needs, we can sit down with Eagle PCB for a few hour, send off our 2-layer layout to a PCB shop and have Gen1 proto-boards in our hands in 3 days ready to work. We have the soldering irons, steady hand, and intestinal fortitude to stare though a giant magnifying glass and solder (some types of) surface mount chips when we absolutely have to.

At this level of design we do not have to worry about reflow until several iterations of a board design. I can’t say we have ever nailed a production board perfectly the first time (yet, but still trying).

With all that said, please don’t tamp down the enthusiasm and momentum of those who can, just because many can not. Get a roll and allow those who can, have access to small quantities, it is really in every ones (win-win) best interest.

You do not have to have a dev kit for everything. (Believe me others do not!) Your offering seems straight forward and after reviewing the online doc how the PCB needs to be for 002, I do not see any significant problems that would stop us from our design.

@fsteff specs (as others have found) are here

@lzerman trying hard to tamp down the enthusiasm as this product is not yet available. Yes, they exist in small quantities with lead customers, but no they do not yet have certifications complete and no they are not sitting in stock waiting to be ordered. Plus, the whole distribution thing applies too.

Thanks Hugo!

Yep, we are used to designing PCB boards and sometimes even hand solder 0402 Surface Mount parts on prototypes, so a “large” module with castellated holes are not a problem. The footprint is easy to create. Not everyone does this, so I understand it would be a limited audience. I would be willing to create a breakout board if enough folks want one and I can get some sample modules :slight_smile: But I guess if you need a breakout board, the SD card is a better option - oh well.

The suggested footprint has an area marked “Copper and FR4 Keepout”. The copper I can understand, but the substrate too? So if the module is in the middle of the board, we need a rectangular hole cutout, or else we have to hang the module over the edge?

Yes, FR4 should not be under there. You can use a cutout (as large as possible) or hang it over the edge.

We could tune for FR4 under there, but different thicknesses of host board would affect the antenna tune. Easier to ask for nothing underneath for best performance.

Does the FR4 restriction apply if using an external antenna??

Also - looking at the imp002 evaluation kit at the SmartMaker website ( I do not see the Atmel ATSHA204 ID chip (buried?) on their evaluation board. Is the ID chip built into the e.imp module??

Inquiring minds and all :slight_smile:

If you’re using an external antenna (ie, you’re using the -C version of the module) then the onboard antenna is not used and there are no recommendations about that.

There is no ID chip needed with the imp002 - because the module is soldered down, the code it needs to run can always be associated with the imp vs the board it’s connected to.

Ahhh - Thanks Hugo :slight_smile:

Hugo, under what circumstances does a design using the OO2 have to go through FCC certification again ?
I understood (6 months ago) that only the 001 cards were FCC certified, has that situation changed in the meantime ?
We’re evaluating which version to use for a potential 1K pcs/yr application. Having to go through certification would rule out the 002…