Hannah's delay

They do reply, it some times takes a day or so as they are so busy dealing with the insane amount of kits they are trying to get dispatched from the smARtDUINO/Open System Kickstarter they ran which is a few months behind schedule.
Apart from adding to the delays in replys from their customer service the Kickstarter stuff shouldn’t interfere with orders like mine and yours that are for just Hannah boards and none of their kickstarter kits.

I think asking for your express postage to be refunded is a 100% fair request as its not something that they would of paid for and used yet so that should be a straight refund of whatever the postage charge was.

Im pretty sure they are not offering freepost or that you are right about there only being an express postage option as I ordered back in the middle of April and paid $4.50 for shipping. I had the option to upgrade at the checkout but it seemed pointless on an item thats on pre-order. Are you sure you read the whole page or mis-read the details about shipping.

When you select an Item and add it to your cart it automatically adds the standard shipping charge on. I just tried it and it did exactly the same thing as it did for me when I ordered in April, Clicked on Add to Cart and then in the top right of the page it gives you a running total and a breakdown saying :
1x Electric Imp Hannah Dev Board - $25
Shipping - $4.50
Total $29.50
Then a checkout button.

Its been the same since I ordered mine in mid April (except the item price change).

No need to be sad and unsatisfied! You will get the extra postage refunded or a credit note issued for sure as its something that they wont have arranged yet or paid for.
Apart from that it all looks good, we should all get our Hannah Boards sent out in the next few days then its just waiting for the mail man to deliver.

@Dimitri Did you decide against yellow PCB’s for Hannah? I thought they would look quite funky in yellow!


Take a look at the images attached on: http://forums.electricimp.com/discussion/comment/5883#Comment_5883

I still have hoppe!

Well to be fair… You are in Brazil.




Maybe I have to send you USD 0,20 (That is 0,42 BRL :wink: for your joke?

If not, thank you anyway! :wink:

I have had many wonderful times in BA!

@Vimes79 the Hannah is an Electric Imp’s product and we only produce and sell it under license. We haven’t change the PCB, even our logo is not present on the board.

I will take the time to send some more image during the weekend.

@nrsf most of the price you have paid is for DHL from Hong Kong to Brazil, that’s a high cost.

I can see from the backoffice that you have requested to cancel the order and probably the girls in Orlando assigned the ticket to me, but I always forget to check at the ticketing system, my bad.

Later I will send you a message to solve this thing privately, I don’t think is matter of public forum.


To be fair, the Hannah (along with our other reference designs) are not specifically licensed to people - they are public domain with no warranty/liability (see the reference designs page on the wiki for more detail). We designed them, we made some for our internal use and testing, and we published the designs so that others can build/use pieces of/whatever they want.

Smartmaker noticed that many people wanted Hannah boards and asked if he could make them - we updated the design (because the temperature sensor in particular was a weak point in the original hannah) and Dimitri is making them, which is good for everyone.

Over on the Smartmaker Smartduino kick starter page it says

“Am working with the guys @electricimp for the production of their development board Hannah that we are releasing this weekend (http://smartmaker.com/599-electric-imp-hannah-development-board.html)”
so hopefully that means its on track.

I will probably get a basic Smartmaker/Smartduino kit with a few of the extra boards (inc Electric Imp) once they have cleared their backlog of kick starter orders but im glad Im not in there waiting for a kit.
There are so many extra boards that got added during the campaign that there are like 5,000 different variations that could have been requested and it looks like almost all their backers decided to add some of the custom boards making the dispatching of orders pretty difficult!

Anyway looks like Hannah is going to be shipping out this weekend to people who have not ordered them as part of their smartduino kick starter order (Like Us!) :smiley:

MMm The Smartmaker site now wont let you add anything to a cart and almost all items are now show as “Available on Request”.
Also I see now that all orders ARE getting free shipping on top of the reduced price… Im really starting to loose track of whats going on.

So basically I pre-ordered 2 months ago and pay a higher price all round AND had to pay in advance, so Smartmaker have had my money for 2 months while I have had to wait BUT anyone who ordered yesterday pay less, get free shipping and will only have to wait a few days (if the board does ship as promised this weekend).

I really just want my Hannah board, but it does seem a bit of a backward system and unfair to those of us that purchased the board early.

This is starting to feel like a Kick starter campaign rather than a simple pre-order and thats not a good way to do business.


the website is not allowing orders just because a software update.

Yesterday we kept the website off in maintenance and we performed a major upgrade to better handle the different warehouses. We bring back the website after the tests and everything is working fine but all the stocks that before were merged in a single number must be updated according to the real stock in the 3 different warehouses.

This is way at the moment most of the products are marked as out of stock and so is not possible to add it to the cart.

We are working to update the quantities in these hours and everything should start to work again.

About the free shipping you mention, I don’t know where you got this information but we are not offering any free shipping to anybody at this time.

About the Kickstarter campaign, I don’t think is a matter of this forum and this topic, but you got the point, we have almost a thousand of people with kits for some of several dozen of boards, all different. Not a easy task to complete.

The Hannah boards are under QC right now and are shipping tomorrow, this is confirmed already.


@Dimitri. I know you are pissed about the dis-respect over at Kickstarter but over here we are behind you 100% and are not listening to what a few idiots are saying.
You have a HUGE task with getting those orders out that I think only a few people understand how difficult it is and what an operation it takes to get 30,000+ boards out to 1000 people who nearly all have different orders.
Anyway, like you said, this is not the place for all that. I was just making it clear that we are behind you and are only interested in the Electric Imp boards.

The Website stuff I compleatly understand and was only making an observation about the ordering/stock count etc…

If you are not offering free shipping then it must be a glitch on your website or something has changed in the ordering system. I just took another look and got the same thing that made me think it was free shipping. See attached screen grab.

Anyway, great to hear Hannah is done and almost ready to clear QA to be shipped today/tomorrow.
Thanks for the update and “Dont let the Bastards drag you down!”.

So excited! Reading all about your new and improved Hannah.
Will there be code for us to look at and modify?
Can I see it?

If I remember right, there is a bunch of info somewhere on the Electric Imp site, possibly in the Wiki or in one of the forums.

If you have been using an Imp already with the April Breakout board or Arduino shield from Sparkfun or Adafruit and have got used to the Planner system and Squirrel programming language then you should be ok. The pins, sensors and everything else that needs ID is clearly marked on the board (based on the pictures) and the full circuit diagrams as well as the PCB files are available here and on the Smartmaker site at the bottom on the Hannah Board Page to refer to for diagrams for how each Input/Output is connected. The Electric Imp its self is well documented here and on the pages of most retailers who stock it, they generally have the diagrams and pin information as well as alot of other stuff on sites like Adafruit and Sparkfun where they have their own “April” Boards/Breakouts and infact Adafruit has a load of info on using the Imp on its learning system pages.

There is a bunch of info here on the E.I. site for using an Imp including all the Pin functions etc and lots of examples for getting used to it and to get you on your way with some simple examples. There is even a demo example for the Hannah available from your Planner page if you click on the Code button and select Hannah.

Adafruit and Sparkfun both also have guides to get you started with an Imp.

If you haven’t used an Imp before in the standard April breakout or other Impee (Device/Board designed for an Imp to work in/with) then you should probably grab one or at least read up on how it works and there are a ton of example projects online of people using April + a few for Hannah as well as other Impees.

As Hugo has said, Hannah boards were designed for the Electric Imp Dev Team to test functions and ideas. It was released in a small number last year to the people who were on board with the imp already. Because of this there is not a lot of info about using the Imp in a Hannah board and its going to be a bit of trial and error for all of us and a lot of checking the data sheets for the sensors and IC’s that have been used.

These days the Imp is out there in pretty good numbers and has been implemented in 100’s of published projects using the April (or self built similar boards) and there is alot of support on the forums. There are projects that use the Imp and the sensors that are included on Hannah so write ups about those will be good places to look for info on the actual function and control of specific parts.
The Hannah is a kind of all in one board with sensors for most things that electronic projects and products use on board to be able to try out ideas without having to build a circuit up on your breadboard over and over again. Once you have nailed your idea down through using Hannah it generally leads to it being moved on to a prototype using an Imp in either the simple April breakout or a custom made board and then building the design up using the different components that you may have used on Hannah or close to them.

As I said, if this is the first time you are using an Imp then have a good read up on it first and also I would advise getting yourself an April Board to learn the basics. If not it will definatly make your head spin while you learn the system and figure things out. When I got my first Imp along with a Sparkfun Breakout Impee it dis-oriented me a little for a while, but it just needs a bit of reading up on and jumping in to do a few basic tasks using the Planner, an Impee, Imp and some basic components on a bread board.

All the sensors and inputs/outputs on the Hannah are current production and have extensive data sheets and are used in alot of other popular MCU based projects and products, so plenty to refer to.

It is a fairly technical Development board designed originally for the Imp development guys so it is going to be a bit hit and miss and alot of reading up on individual functions then working the Squirrel code to communicate the data between the Sensor/input and the Imp and then the Imp via the internet to the Planner cloud where you can then redirect data in and out to other services. The actual Hannah board and its various circuits are not particully complicated and are likely similar to those you have used with other MCU’s as the main work is done on the Imp’s board (inside the white case) and in the programming on board and on the cloud. It should be a nice little prototyping and developing environment especially with the upgrades and overhauls of a couple of the sensors.

Its a cool system once you get used to using the Planner and get your head around the Squirrel code which is pretty user friendly and similar to C type programming languages with alot of extras in there similar to various other systems that make it a pretty nice environment to work in. Its going to be so nice having all that gear inc power on just the one board along with plenty of pins to breakout to another device or circuit.

Again if you haven’t used that before then head to http://squirrel-lang.org/ and get read up on using it and implementing it for use with your Imp and Impee.

Of course there are the Forums here and at Adafruit, Sparkfun and Squirrel where there are users who will be able to help you out.

I cant wait to finally get mine after just under a year of hunting down one of the originals with no luck. I was getting ready to have a small batch of PCB’s made when I saw that Smartmaker had partnered with Electric Imp on the Smartduino and then later when Dimitri announced they were making a batch of boards based on the original Hannah design and then hearing that they were improving the design to make it even more versatile.

This last few months have been a long wait and im so glad to finally see light at the end of the tunnel and soon have my nice new Hannah in my hands!

The circuit diagrams for the main systems on the board are here : http://devwiki.electricimp.com/lib/exe/fetch.php?media=impee-hannah-sch.pdf

I/O expander IC (which is very important for Hannah obviously) data sheet : http://devwiki.electricimp.com/lib/exe/fetch.php?media=sx150x_789.pdf

A basic glosary of Electric Imp terms, items and names : http://devwiki.electricimp.com/doku.php?id=glossary

Please note that the above mentioned schematic is last year’s Rev. 2 version, not the Rev.3 which Smartmaker is about to ship.
The schematic should be updated soon, I presume.


you are totally right! Something goes wrong with the software update and the website is actually offering free shipping, that’s obviously wrong. I’ve put the site on maintenance until I will finish to investigate what’s wrong.

Thanks a lot,



the code will require few updates, as some of the sensors now have new I2C’s ID.

We used a test program that was originally developed @electricimp for the QC of the previous Hannah v2 and I’ve made changes in order to be compatible with the new v3 that we are releasing, plus I’ve changed some part of the code to get more detailed results.

I will clean up the code and then send a link to the Git so everyone can use it to check his new Hannah, if feels some strange behavior.

Existing examples like the Color Blink in the devwiki are working exactly the same, as the GPIO expansion’s device is the same.

I think we will come out with some more interesting example made with the guys @Xively in the next days, we are working on it all together.


@Vimes79, @marcboon,

I confirm that the schematics and examples available now on the devwiki are related to the Rev2 of Hannah, that’s a bit different from the Rev3 we are offering now.

I think it will just be matter of time to publish the updated design.

The two main differences are:

  1. a new temperature sensor, now a TMP112AIDRLT from TI, much smaller than the one on the previous version of Hannah. You can take a look to the datasheet:


  1. a new Accelerometer, also from TI as well as the previous one: LIS3DHTR. In this case the advantage is on pretty much higher performances, as I’ve mentioned in a previous post.

The datasheet: http://www.st.com/web/en/resource/technical/document/datasheet/CD00274221.pdf

and the application note: http://www.st.com/web/en/resource/technical/document/application_note/CD00290365.pdf

This sensor offer a lot of interesting features, not just the ability to sense up to 16g at 5KHz rate, it also has free fall sensing, 6D/4D sensing, all configurable to an interrupt that’s connected to the GPIO expander, so available as wake up signals for the imp, for example.

I believe that the configuration and the use of this sensor is a bit tricky but I want to try to put together a complete tutorial and some demo in few days.