Hannah's delay

To who have made a pre-order for the Hannah development board weeks ago, is pretty clear that we are late with the shipments.

The reason of this is related to improvements to the board itself.

As the Hannah is a board designed and owned by Electric Imp, that we produce and distribute under license, it’s very important that everything is approved and certified by the company.

Since we decided, together with Hugo, to offer this product we knew that improvements were scheduled and these took a bit longer time than expected, but I’m sure that the result will be satisfactory. For example a more efficient consumption of the battery will allow to use the board for longer time, now.


So I want to apologize for the delay with the shipping of this product, that we should be able to dispatch by the end of next week, and assure that the couple of weeks of delay are worthy, because the product it will perform better.


Looking forward to it! Did you find the other half of my order?

@sbright33, you should get the stuff by the week, with a small surprise.

Thanks Wow! I will do business with you again. And recommend you to my friends!

I was so excited! Wanted to try your SmartCore system! But the main item on the packing list was not included in your order. The SmartCore L was not included. Maybe you were out of stock? You can send me the C or M instead! Looking forward to the rest of my order this week…


sorry but maybe you should know that I’m based for 90% of my time in Shenzhen, China, so I have a quite different time and it’s just (or already) 7:30am now here.

I’m sorry for the part missing, I will check with the girls in Orlando what they did. For sure they got stock so it must be a mistake, as the parts are all so small.

Beside this, please note that it should be better to use different way to communicate for this kind of issues. This is the forum for Electric Imp and for the topics related.

Please write directly to my personal e-mail: dimitri@smartmaker.org or send a PM.



I understand there is a time difference. I didn’t expect you to answer the same day. The only reason I chose to communicate this way is so I can tell everyone here how wonderful you are at responding to my issues. Your products are the coolest!

3 Days till the end of the week… Will the elusive Hannah finally appear?
I really hope so. Have wanted a Hannah Board for so long to easily and neatly expand, add & test functions when using an Imp. Now the end is finally in sight!

@Vimes79, yes I can confirm that we are performing the QC of the boards and will ship by the end of the week.

The adoption of updated sensors, compared to the previous version of Hannah, have required a little more tinkering to adapt the software for the tests and to perform the necessary controls in the integrity before use it for the QC.

We should be able to publish the new specs of the Hannah board and the updates for the tutorials to be used with the new sensors within few days.


It appears that you didn’t reply to my PM…

Still no Hanna for me…
No small surprise either! At least no bad surprise I hope…

My order #TWBYSGEXI nad I paid USD 33,00 Express Courrier on 05/20/2013!!

Even worse. Now the Hanna is USD 25,00 and I was charged USD 29,00 each ( x2).

May it is a SmartMaker joke to me!?!?!?!

Dear Smartmaker,

Please look into the attached files and sugest me how should I feel…

I am very sad right now!

It is the same for me. I ordered in the beginning of April, 2 months ago. Let’s be nice and hope he comes thru in the end. I have faith in Dimitri!

Please take it to PM or his Email.

Thanks for the wooden Christmas tree ornaments you sent!

@nrsf, @sbright33

Nelson, Steve and everyone, let’s try to make clear these things…

Price: our official price for the Hannah development board is US$29.00. At the time we announced the future availability of the product, back in April, we run a pre-order campaign till April 30th at discounted price. It was a promotion and I think the website used to show the “sale” banner and the “pre-order” statement.

At the end on April the price went back to the standard one automatically and we haven’t run any campaign for the month. A new campaign started on June 1st, when we cut the price on every Electric Imp’s product, so for example now we sell the imp001 starting at US$23.00 that’s the lowest price you can find worldwide, as I know.

This is why it can happen that during different periods people pay a different price. Not only with us but in every supermarket of the world, I guess.

It doesn’t mean that we don’t care about our clients and I will personally make sure that anyone didn’t have the opportunity to get access to our promotions will be satisfied.

Delays: about the delays in manufacturing and shipping, this was due to the updates made to the board.

For example the old version of Hannah, Rev2 released over a year ago on March 14th 2012 used to carry a 3 axis accelerometer, the LIS331DL from TI, that offers a scale up to 8g and up to 400Hz of update rate. The new Rev3 that we are going to ship have been upgraded with a TI’s LIS3DH that can read 16g and offers an update rate up to 5KHz! Double resolution and more than 12 times higher rate.

Other components have been upgraded as well and all these changes required tests and this took a bit longer than expected. As you can see from the attached picture of the bare PCBs the Rev3 is dated May 28th, just 9 days ago. We are actually doing our best to move from the release of the design to the actual shipment of completed and tested products in 10 days.

As the Hannah is an official product from Electric Imp, with their brand on top, everyone there and here want to make sure that you receive something good. I know that’s frustrating the wait, especially for who is asking the Hannah since last year when the only 500pcs previously produced went sold out.

I believe that the few more days it took to release the product will be worthy because the new Hannah offers higher performances and more accurate data.



Now I believe you are able to understand why I am very sad.

The 1st order for 2 Hannas made long ago was NOT DELIVERED and was charged me USD 93,00.

The 2nd order (yesterday) for the same 2 Hannas (same adress to be delivered) was to be charged USD 50,00).

Is it possible to JUST refund me the USD 43,00 and deliver the Hannas when they are OK?

Thank you,

When I ordered it was during the offer and I paid $25 + Shipping. At that point it said all orders placed before the end of April would pay a reduced price of $25 for being early buyers (Which I am guessing was a way to boost the number of pre-orders to make producing the board more viable) It said that it was a limited period offer until the end of April when the price would go back up to $29 again. I think it did go back up for a few weeks and then as Dimitri said, they then reduced the price of all Electric Imp Products. Again as Dimitri said, it happens all the time normally to get the product out cheaper than the competition to sell more.

Its annoying and a little frustraiting to have ordered earlier & paid upfront to get a better price thinking its a one time deal and then for the price to drop again a few weeks later, but to be honest, now I really dont care about the price (we are only talking $4 here guys, its NOT a large amount of cash or big issue really) I am just looking forward to getting my Hannah at long last!

The updates sound great, I cant wait to get my board add an Imp and play!

If it was a retailer selling these boards and products then I would be skeptical, but since Electric Imp have their name stamped on the board and are likely working with Smartmaker to get things done right then I am pretty confident as its their good name on the line too.

Super glad to here things are moving on and to finally see some (a) photo. I cant tell you how good it is to see the bare board and know that they are almost ready to ship.
Today is Friday so hopefully we will be seeing some dispatch emails in our inboxes today (or over the weekend as its still technically before the end of the week up till Sunday)

@Dimitri - Could you please post some more photos of some finished boards (populated and unpopulated) so we can see the new and improved beautiful Hannah in all her glory before they ship out/arrive.

You most likely do this already, but could you ensure the boards are boxed when packed for shipping as in my experience, populated boards with parts that stick out have a tendency to break in transit when packed poorly in the wrong packaging, I couldn’t bare it if when my board finally arrives that it has been damaged in transit!!

@nrsf When did you order 2 Hannah Boards for $93.00 that were not delivered? Are you talking about the original Hannahs that Electric Imp made and sold last year? This is the first batch going out from Smartmaker and I dont think they ever charged $93 for 2 unless you selected next day shipping or something.
Anyway, this is not the place to be discussing prices etc, email Smartmaker customer service if you have an issue with payments.

Thanks for the update and hopefully we will have some good news very soon!


In fact it was $91,00 for 2 Hannas & Express Courrier (at that time was the only option) on 05/20/2013.

2 Hannas still did not delivered, now they cost less… Now there is a FREE POST option. So for me the solution is:


1 - Charge me the current price 2 x 25,00 USD = 50,00 USD;
2 - Now there are a FREE POST option. The is no hurry any more. Give me FREE POST.

I believe this is resonable.

The worse is www.smartmaker.com do not reply to the CAONTACS I have tried on their website. I just know they got the inquiries since I have they auto reply.

Very sad and unsatisfied,


I hear you. Let’s hope he comes thru for you and all of us.