Hannah development board now available!

Hi everyone,

I’m very happy to bring some great news!

The Hannah development board is now available from our website on pre-order. It is the official Hannah board designed by Electric Imp that we will produce and distribute under license.

We are preparing a first run of 500pcs that will be ready for shipment about 10th-15th of May and the price for the pre-order will be US$25.00. The orders will be based on FIFO, so if you want one it’s better to act fast.

We are also very happy to introduce our creation:


This special board includes both a breakout and a shield for Arduino with 3.3V to 5V automatic level shifters and headers for the easy configuration of the different MUX for the Electric Imp.

With only one board you get:

  • breakout with ID and Regulator designed for breadboarding
  • automatic bi-directional level shifters on every GPIO
  • shield for Arduino with jumpers for configuration

All the functions are detailed in the manual:


Check out this video example: http://vimeo.com/58767158

The board have been tested and officially approved by Electric Imp and is on pre-order as well with special price of ONLY US$15.00!!!.

We are also offering a discount on the imp001 developer edition at US$25.00.

All the information are available on the website:


The imp001 is in stock and the boards are on pre-order.


Will you have Lala too? If so I could wait and save shipping?


I’ve discussed with @Hugo the manufacturing of the Hannah because there is quite a request from the community and we have another couple of boards that we are planning to start to offer soon, also designed by Electric Imp.

Lala is a board based on the imp002, that’s the soldered edition, as I’ve understood (I didn’t see yet the reference design).

We are willing to offer the imp002 on breakout and I’m discussing this topic with Hugo recently but nothing is sure yet about the timing. I think the Lala is a kind of related topic.

We would offer Lala but I don’t think will be possible with the actual timeline. Anyway I’ve wrote to Tom to get enough knowledge about the topic.


Dimitri I would be very interested in imp002 on breakout


I can believe you because it’s a very interesting product the imp002.

We have a breakout board designed by Electrip Imp that’s the one you can see in some pictures around on the forum but we are not sure yet if this is going to be the final design.

It will require some more time before the final decisions will be available on this subject.

For sure I’ve already told @Hugo very clear that if authorized by the company I want to produce the imp002 on breakout for the developers.

I think we can know something more clear in few weeks.



I’ve received from Tom the confirmation that the Lala audio board is based on the imp002 (solder version) and I’m not sure it will be possible to make it available any soon.

As I’ve been informed the design will be available in the next weeks but it will requires work to do and to analyze the potential market.

I don’t think we will be able to make the Lala board available from our channel before the summer.



about the imp002 I’ve got some update from @Hugo and my plan is to exhange some point of view with other people in the company in the next days and come out with a plan by the week.

I’m pretty confident that we’ll be able to experiment with the advanced imp002 soon.



I can confirm now that we will offer the imp002 for developers starting from the next week.

Unfortunately the quantities will be veri limited, because we had to reduce the original order due to availability of stock.

By tomorrow we should have the details and the pre-orders open.


What about the licensing model ?

It will be possible to use the module in a special “developer” configuration that doesn’t require the license.

We will be able to provide the license if you need to make small production runs that can’t reach the minimum quantities required to order directly.


We will be able to provide the license if you need to make small production runs that can’t reach the minimum quantities required to order directly.

This is very good new indeed.


yes, basically for the services dedicated to the manufacturers Electric Imp sell the license in packages of monthly pre-paid blocks. Plus the modules are sold as well in medium to large lots.

The imp002 solder-down modules we (will) sell will be associated to the “license-months” that we buy in bulk so if for example you want to run a small production of 20 pieces, we will be able to provide you the modules and the months of use of the cloud that you will need.

We still need some time to work on this, to find out the best way to handle this package, as we actually buy the stock of months, for example 10,000 with advance payment but we would like to offer a kind of subscription model, so you can pay monthly for the use that you really do.

Anyway, the first step is to have the modules available. The production is running and we have an ETD about the end of the month for the first lot. As soon as we complete the design of the breakout PCB that we will give for free together with the module for developers, we will publish it.

In a couple of days we will also release Open Source the library for CadSoft Eagle that can be used to design boards based on the imp002 solder down module.


Any update on the Hannah development board shipments ?

I’m waiting too…

Hey whatever happened to the first part of my order?
It’s been 4 weeks?
I remember you said you’d send them separately because of the extended wait for the Hannah and Imp?

Thanks for helping our Imp Community!

I am still waiting too!!!

me too!

on my inquiry i got this answer:

Unfortunately, we don’t have an exact schedule on which day a specific package is leaving the warehouse, as this depends on many different parameters, including the destination, the pledge’s level and the additional components requested.

So we can’t say when exactly you will receive the goods, in the next weeks. We will do our best to reduce your waiting time as much as possible.

I have got an other definition of FIFO starting May 10-15

@DolfTraanberg sorry for this wrong message. Danielle, the girl that is taking care of the tickets, is new and her training is not yet complete. She haven’t got the difference between your request and others and tough you are one of the backers that supported our Kickstarter campaign. So she sent to you the standard answer, that’s in fact what you have pasted here.

We are fulfilling the orders for the Hannah with some delays and slower than expected, and I’m sorry for that, because the testing phase is more complicated than our expectations.

Hannah is a complex board with a lot of functions that we must test one by one, to ensure you receive a board working properly.

We are trying our best to fulfill the backorder as fast as possible.

Also because we have the solder down module imp002 ready for order but we are waiting to complete the previous orders before go ahead.

I will personally take time tomorrow to review with the team that handle the customer care all the details about the different kind of orders.



You promised to send me the rest of my order immediately, 4 weeks ago, before the Hannah board was ready. What happened? Did it get lost?