Budweiser red light


It’s WiFi connected. I assume you’ve connected it to your WiFi using “blink-up”?

I’ve never used a bud light … it also has an app?
When you connect the light to your WiFi, you can see the device on the app?


@DCJinWA it will wake up for the configured teams games, and give you the 5 min warning.

Once it’s set up, the app is not needed - the light is connected to Bud’s servers via wifi. Phone doesn’t even have to be in the same country :wink:

It does go to sleep when matches aren’t on, so the batteries last years generally. The test button only works when the device is awake. If you turn it on and off again manually, I think it stays awake for a few minutes.


Looking for a little Bud Red Light help myself.

We recently upgraded our home network to dual band 2.4/5 GHz, and since then I’ve been unable to connect my light. I’ve been only trying to connect to the 2.4 band. After fighting with it, I eventually got a flashing green light…but test goal alerts sent from my phone didn’t set my light off. Eventually, the flashing green light gave way to flashing orange. Turning the light off then back on gave me flashing green again, but again the test goal alerts did nothing, and again I got flashing orange again a short time later.

Budweiser sent out two other IMP cards for me to try, but they didn’t work either. Eventually, Budweiser sent me a brand new light (with a built-in IMP card) and the same thing is happening. I contacted my ISP and they changed one setting on my network (don’t know what it was) which didn’t fix the problem. They confirmed that my light’s MAC address showed up on my network, so it seems like it was connected. But, outside of the one change they made (which did nothing), they said there was nothing else they could do.

I finally took my light to a different network and it blinked up perfectly the first time and goal alerts from my phone set the light off. So, clearly my light works and it’s my network settings and/or hardware at home that is causing the problems. Everything else connects on my home wifi network without any problem: TV’s, iPhones, iPads, computers etc. I just cannot get my Bud Red Light to connect.

So, at this point, I’m guessing/hoping that there is some setting I can tweak on my router to get my BRL connected, but I have no idea where to start. Any ideas anyone?


If the imp is flashing slow green then the connectivity is fine. If the test light button doesn’t work then the issue is with their backend, not the imp service.

But… if your network is closing the TCP connection silently then that could cause this issue. The device won’t notice for up to 90 seconds, then it’ll reconnect, but that 90s will be a “dead spot” in which goals/triggers won’t propagate.

What router is it?


It is an Arris 5168N. I also am using a WiFi extender…if that makes a difference.


Problem solved!

Spoke with Budweiser support, and they said that the BRL cannot connect through my WiFi extender. Tried to be clever by just bypassing the extender box, but then I couldn’t connect to either the 2.4 or 5 GHz network (because their SSID’s were associated to the extender box).

Called my ISP support line and explained that I couldn’t connect my BRL through the extender and to see if there was any way I could temporarily disable it to blink up my light and use it during games. Instead, he flipped a setting on my main gateway box so that it started to broadcast its own WiFi signal under a different network name. Blinked up using this new network SSID and password, light connects properly to the network, and tests from the app trigger it as well!


Mmm, wonder how that extender works? It may not like devices that enter wifi powersave mode (which we do, to preserve battery life). Budweiser have the ability to disable this mode on their console if it’s problematic for anyone though.

But… you’re up now and the season has not yet started so that’s a win :slight_smile:


FWIW, my extender is an ActionTec WEB6000Q:

But, yeah, up and running before the season starts! Always a good thing!

Thanks for all of your help, Hugo.


I’ve had the Budweiser red light for a couple years.

Sometimes it works great sometimes very intermittently.

Since I have exhausted my search for this with no results, I’m wondering if anyone as the answer to these questions:

Does anyone know what the red light blinking pattern means?

I have 3 different examples that I have seen so far

1 Long and 3 Short (Long Short Short Short) Pattern;
This seems to occur when its connected to Wifi but the Wifi is suddenly turned off.

5 Long( Long Long Long Long Long)
Not sure what that means. Battery Low?

1 Long and 5 Short (Long Short Short Short Short Short) Pattern;
Wifi is seen but internet is disconected?


Blinkup codes are here: https://developer.electricimp.com/troubleshooting/blinkup

Long, 3x short are when it’s trying to join wifi. Yes, if wifi went away you’d either see this or long, 2x short (searching for wifi)

If you’re seeing a lot of long reds then that could be the device booting and browning out (low battery). If the device, when you press the test button, isn’t super loud, that could be it.

If it gets on wifi but can’t get to the server, then you’ll generally see one of the red/yellow codes.