XBee and Zigbee support

Folks, we’ve just posted our preliminary support class for XBee devices to allow imps to communicate via UART with Zigbee networks. It’s not yet available as an Electric Imp library, but we plan to release it that way soon after further testing and refinement. You can help speed this process by trying the code out and letting us know how you got on with the code.

Documentation and code are available for perusal and use now, over on our GitHub repo.

Waaaiit a minute; will this library mean I could hook an Imp to a Xbee series 2 module and talk to a smart meter using the “smart energy” profile via API?
(waiting with fingers crossed)

That’s the goal. We’ve not implemented the smart energy profile per se, but if you know it, you can use the library to talk to a smart energy device. Please try it, and let is know how you get on.

Now available as a library. More info here.