WWDC announces HomeKit

Just wondering what opportunities this presents for electric imp. Has anyone got a handle on how we can design devices with Electric Imp that with work with iOS 8 and HomeKit. This looks really interesting and I have been on the look out for something like this.

HomeKit appears to be very local-networking oriented; there’s not enough documentation available as yet to make any other determinations - we’ll be investigating when there’s more info.

I agree with your assessment of HomeKit being local networking oriented. Seems there is a discovery protocol and some way for a device to publish its capabilities. I can’t find anything about how this works either but I do really like idea where multiple internet connected devices can be coordinated through a standard interfaces and generic Apps.

This feels like “windows media center” - home automation all over again. A home concentric world view. I’ve been involved in over 50 very large HA projects and in my humble experience very few end users make much use of the tablet/phone in home they get most value when there away.

I can just see Johnny Ives asking why he can’t see the what happening in his boarded up UK mansion. Bet @hugo could|can|does :slight_smile:

Home kit provides a standardized way for home automation devices to communicate. For example, if your devices support home kit, you – as a 3rd party app developer could write an app to communicate to a number of devices w/o having to know about them beforehand.

I believe there is a custom authentication built on top of BTLE (does not use standard BTLE pairing), and probably WiFi is also supported.