Writing agents in other languages

What are the thoughts of writing agent code in a language such as node, java etc. I suspect it’s just honouring the protocol between the agent and the device. What is the protocol between the agent service and the device.


Sorry, this is not possible because imps only talk to the imp server. Agents are only written in squirrel for a couple of main reasons:

  • Same language for device and agent, so less mental gymnastics when switching
  • We host all of them, so we need a tightly controlled VM in order to deal with bad code and security issues

You can obviously write a minimal “pass through” agent which passes the data onto your own server running node, java, etc.

Developing a pass through agent sounds like a reasonable approach. Basically, the agent would proxy every incoming and outgoing request to the nodejs application. Sounds like it’s something that would be useful for other platforms

I may give that a crack and see how I go


Hugo, what is the protocol between the imp and e agent running on the server? Is it tcp

Yes, it’s TCP secured with TLS.