WPS integration

Is there a way to pre-configure and add a hardware button to the IMP?

Basically I will preload the imp account info. send them a router and IMP modules. All the customer has to do is push the button on the IMP and push the button on the router, they pair together, and DONE. No need for an external screen.

I hope you are still going to allow blink-up too, many does not have WPS.

I would be packaging it with a router… so the base system comes with sensors and WPS enabled router.

Right now there’s no programmatic way to trigger WPS from squirrel. This is on the wishlist though.

Hugo, any progress on this? We can see that an API call to respond to an AP that is in WPS connect mode (with or without PIN) would be useful.

Not as yet, no, but mainly because nobody has asked for it in a product context. I’ve added notes to the task and we’ll look at the complexity of implementation/testing. It has been on the wishlist since 2014 :slight_smile:

For the original poster’s application: if you are supplying both the imp and the router, why use WPS? Why not preconfigure both the router and the imp and save two button-presses?

Note that most routers cannot be configured to support WPS-by-pushbutton without also supporting the insecure WPS-by-PIN, so current security advice is to disable WPS everywhere.


In many situations, we are supplying the router. But, not all. We’re not so interested in the WPS by PIN as we don’t use blinkup (device are factory configured) and have no means of passing the PIN to a unit. We’re just considering what options remain for a client that may have deliberately or inadvertently changed their WiFi SSID or PW. WPS-PBC might be the easiest way for a client to recover a connection. From that point we could use cloud control of the device to reconfigure to adapt to the changed client Wifi environment.

I can’t find any decent documentation on how push button WPS works at a technical level.

If an API call were available, would the imp be able to detect an AP in PBS mode? Or would it simply try to connect to an AP using a special PBS instruction?