Would it be possible that my IMP modify a file in a drop box ( xls file )

Would it be possible for my IMP to log its activity in a XLS file into a drop box ?

So it ill create a file with its name, and send some data, daily into the file?


or in google drive…or anything like that

the point is, If i have let say, 500 device in the field…doing their thing, Am I able to make them create “entery” in a database of some kind so I can track activity of all my device ( for exemple, each time they reboot, each time someone click on save on the code that its the agent…ect )

You can get a webhost account for as little as $40 a year. You then host your own database and using PHP, you can do just about anything you wish. You can have scripts to search, sort, charting, emails, and whatever you want. Of course you would need to know PHP scripting or hire someone to do some coding for you. But with data in a drop box, you would have to know some sort of programming to use it anyhow. Webhosting accounts are not just for web pages. You have a whole online server of database storage, scripting, and web pages if you need them.

As far as the 500 device aspect, I think you would get a commercial account with Imp and have one account that all of the imps use. Inquire about that with the Imp website.

yes i understand, but before having a commercial account, I’d like to have a proof of concept.

actually, I have everything that work like I want, including the pcb…ect

I’ve learned html and javascript this week, I do assume that I can learn all kind of programming language without problem. I’ve been an assembler and C programmer for years as a living.

Proof of concept wise, what can help me acheiving my goal fast, so all my imp dump in the same db ?

Some options are:

Imp device -> Imp agent -> apache+PHP -> any DB |
Imp device -> Imp agent -> any db with a web service

or even

Imp agent -> apache+PHP -> any DB |
Imp agent -> any db with a web service

Amazon charge less than 5c per hour for a EC2 server which is ideal for testing. My personal preference for a DB is Influx but pick one that best suits your needs. You could even use dynamoDB service.

Do you have a website account? (example, GoDaddy, or 1and1, etc)

Each Imp has its own Agent, thus its own account. I assume you want to use 1 imp to see what it can do?

If you have 500 imps with a commercial account, you can’t have the users go in and change their agent or device code. Anything that happens to the imp can be recorded though. When a user gets one of your 500 imps, they take it home and “blink up” to their WiFi. It automatically connects to your account (since they don’t have an account). This is called “being blessed”. The user has no access or ability to access your imp account. They use the imp with whatever code you have given it.

I understand, my agent code do generate a website that allow the user to see and change around 50 parameters that are stored in nv tables. But I want to be able to track what each user does, when they change a parameter… Ect

Imagine the imp is a thermostat, I want to have all the temperature of all my imp in the field into a db

I think AWS dynamodb will work for me as I plan on only updating the server once each 10 minutes

I don’t know if
I’m able to make my imp work with
AWS, this is my next step

I think it could work. AWS has an API (application program interface) that will accept your values and write them to their “database” or “cloud”, whatever they call it.

You’ll have to use their tutorials to determine how it all works, how to use their API keys, and how to do it overall.

The agent is really good at using JSON for the data format. Find out about AWS API to see if they accept JSON (which they probably do).

Someone with more experience at the commercial usage (your 500 imps) will have to answer questions about users changing parameters.

Don’t forget that we have code libraries for AWS and other similar online services.

Suggest you look at Carriots
Here’s some documentation: https://www.carriots.com/documentation/api/dropbox

You can upload data into Carriots using json for free for a single account (check their pricing options)

I would recommend taking a look at Plotly. While it is nominally a graphing service you can download all of the data you post as an excel file. It has some rough edges but is great for proof of concept.

Ok but i dont want only sample of my sensor, I want to be able to track usage of device, log alarms…ect

You can do all that with a Free hosting service by building your own PHP scripts. However there is a few good alternatives there… my choice would be http://ubidots.com/