World map showing all imps commissioned

Is this interesting?
I want to be the first in Portugal . thats why!!! hehehe


I’m not sure is something that @Hugo & co. are willing to disclose those information, I wouldn’t for many reasons. But it can be an interesting game to play within users around the world.

I think shouldn’t be so hard.

It can be possible to put together few lines of code that once at the setup, for example, makes a call to a website that can log the IP address.

The position on the map it’s not hard to get. Services like:

can offer this for free.

Developers who want to participate could add a call to this in their code.


It would be trivial for the Agent to get it’s own location. The location of the server. But how do we get the IP address of the Imp itself? Not so easy.

I suppose that if you let your imp make a call to, you can parse the response to get your IP-address and possibly your location
sorry, forget it.
you wil get the ip from the impserver

The IP address might give you the city if it’s added to the API. Hugo mentioned there are privacy concerns. The value of this is limited. I’d rather have the MAC address of a nearby Hotspot. This would give the exact location within 200ft. Much more valuable! See link below: