With C001: can I access YJ, YK YP and YQ for ADC?

Making great progress but I’ve run out of ADC’s.
I’ve got rpm on YL , oil pressure on U, coolant temp on V, irrigation pressure on YT, actuator position on YR, battery volts on YU. BUT I need just one more. I can’t find YK, but I read that it gets used w/ Mikro. Nor do I see YJ, YP& YQ anywhere listed. Am I out of luck?

pinYK is the Mikrobus pin labelled “AN” (top left).
pinYJ is used to drive the APA102 pixel
pinYP is on J9 (grove connector)
pinYQ is also on J9

You can refer to the schematics (see bottom of https://developer.electricimp.com/hardware/resources/reference-designs/impc001breakout ) to trace these… I think there’s only one pin which isn’t accessible somewhere :slight_smile:

Thank you. I appreciate your invaluable forum help tremendously. Now I see that you have already addressed my questions completely in the above-provided link. But I would not have found it by myself. There is just soooo much information all at once.

Long Live Electric Imp!