Wiring an OLED to Electric Imp

Hi! I am trying to successfully wire an OLED to an Electric Imp, like this, the idea being that the OLED is completely powered by the Imp, I guess that is possible? I couldn’t find any demo online, (I checked youtube, hackster.io, Google, etc etc) for this particular OLED, so I started following this demo–

http://www.hackster.io/viccarre/electri … scoreboard

However my ultimate goal is to have the imp change the picture or supershort video on the OLED when I tell it to at a distance using my iphone, not necessarily to update text as per the above demo, rather, more, to update images (or draw images mathematically)(probably just display them, perhaps from a folder of different ones that are on the OLED’s SD card).

But basically I’m just looking to get this thing up and running, and wired correctly right now.
Can you help explain to me the exact wiring, using the total of 11 pins on the Imp’s GPIO, and the total of 11 pins on the OLED? Any way to give me an exact picture of what gets hooked up where? (Again assuming I’m a pure beginner)

Thank you so much!

Please note the imp alone is up and running and working, connected via blinkup and did hello world on it, so that’s good :slight_smile:

It looks like the project you linked to includes a wiring diagram, have you tried hooking it up that way yet?

It also looks like your April and OLED display aren’t soldered to the headers you’re using, which can cause lots of connection problems, and might be why you are seeing issues?