I read today that for 15 $ GE is going to do a 60w equivalent lamp replacement that is internet controlled using “wink” technology.

Wink had been ge’s brand for imp stuff so I was particularly interested, however further in the article they talk about a wink hub

Does this mean the wink brand going to be doing something other than imp?

my guess is that the wink hub name has more to do with branding than the underlying infrastructure.

Unless someone is buying imp003’s at enormous volumes, I don’t know how you could sell an imp enabled lightbulb for $16. The hub itself could have an imp gateway, and talk to the bulbs via something else. That reminds me, I need to get the BLE112 shield finished.

agree, bulbs are ZigBee.

I did a bit more digging, looks like the hub is for bringing other protocols your existing devices are using into the wink universe interestingly they have stated their preference is to continue without a hub but don’t want to leave other device behind

I’ll do some digging!

Unfortunately MakeDecks and mjkuwp94 guessed right, its zigbee or as they call it “GE Link” :frowning:

“Running off a connected hub, ZigBee-certified Link LED bulbs help consumers”

You can’t blame them LED lighting is a “race to the bottom” (price wise that is), it also look like if you want a decent light output and nice color you have to pay nice the price

I hope they haven’t completely turned their back on Imp in favor of “yet another hub”