Wiki playground

Maybe it would be a good idea to open a part of the wiki to developers, so people can post code examples etc.
Similar to the playground on
At present, code examples are spread across the (closed) wiki, developer forum, githib, etc., which makes them a bit hard to find, with no overview of what’s out there. Even a simple index to existing examples would already very helpful.
The same applies to hardware examples, of course.

Agree I’ve started to work on a framework for tutorials that tries to pull this together.,

I’m doing it for makers not coders/hardware dev’s but your free to copy and use it, if it’s of any use to you.


Now this is all your work, I presume. What I was referring to, is a ‘master index’ of tutorials like yours, software and hardware examples from other sources, so people can browse these from one place, and most important: add to it.
This index would ideally be on, but it could also be on a third party website. It should be open (with write access) to all developers, of course.

@marcboon again agree. This is all my own work & an example of having to go off and create a place to share. I’m using arduino tutorials home page as a guide for mine.

Perhaps e.imp might agree to letting/setting up just such a thing?

We’re actually looking into a pretty big wiki redesign/rewrite right now, and this could possibly factor into it.

If we made an open wiki/sandbox section, would you be hoping for something that is structured and possibly moderated, or totally open?

Good news that you guys are working on improving the wiki :slight_smile:

In my opinion the sandbox/playground should be open for registered users. Some structure should be provided, of course, and a simple how-to to help contributors submit content in a standardized way.
I would leave it up to the developer community to maintain quality, with some periodical review maybe, but no moderation per post. This forum itself is also unmoderated, and has good quality content.

The closed part of the wiki can benefit from moderated user input, especially with small corrections, and some extra explanation in cases where the documentation is too brief. Posting this type of feedback in the forum is not ideal, although it’s usually quickly picked up by Hugo. Thanks for that! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback @marcboon - and I agree, using forums for wiki feedback is less than ideal. Our developer program is really still in it’s infancy, and we’re still trying to work out the best ways to communicate with our community (all of you).

If you guys have ideas about anything you would like to see (forums, wiki or otherwise) - please post them, or fire me off a message/email and we’ll get the discussion started :slight_smile: