WiFi Weight Scale

Following is the intro video of my homebrew WiFi weight scale based on electric imp. It can save the data automatically to the server, and also show a graphic chart for all the past weights. Because all the commercial solution are so pricey, this is the first thing I come up with when I saw electric imp.

Great Job.

I would add a few colored buttons you can press with your foot to select the user and then the color of button is color of the line on graph.

brilliant idea! Then the scale can be used by multiple person :slight_smile:

Pretty sweet!

Could you please share your electronic circuit diagram and code and it is helpful for me.

hi,Which breadboard and which chip is used in this weight scale? Where i can get them.

Is there a How-To for this one? I love it!

I found this: https://github.com/lly8877/WeightScaleHack It’s almost 2 years old.

You could do this: https://community.electricimp.com/blog/imp-load-cells/
Well documented and i use the Code for my own project. It is very accurate.

Try it!

Sorry @srikanthreddy123, @Mahabahu and @member01 for the late reply.
I lost my documents on this project in an accident laptop incident.
For this project, I do have a over-killed approach, worked for me.
At first, I go for Electric Imp for direct ADC reading from ADS1234, here is the code: https://github.com/lly8877/WeightScaleHack/blob/master/ADS1234.txt

Thinking about battery life, I really want to make imp sleep in idle and wake it up when user step on the scale. I found it hard to implement with imp alone at the time. So I grabbed an Arduino board design, added a ADS1234 and a imp socket on it. Arduino is used to get ADS1234 readings, and send it to imp. In this way, Arduino only wake up when some body step on the weight scale, and imp is waked up by Arduino.

This is the code running in Arduino for reading: https://github.com/lly8877/WeightScaleHack/blob/master/ArduinoCode/ReadADS1234/ReadADS1234.ino

and this is the simple code for listening data from Arduino. https://github.com/lly8877/WeightScaleHack/blob/master/imp_code/listen_from_arduino.txt

Having fun building your own scale!

@lly8877 thanks for your response. Just to inform the below link is not working

here is the GitHub Repo: https://github.com/lly8877/WeightScaleHack