Wifi security & encryption

Might have been discussed before, what wifi security and encryption can the IMP handle? WPA2; 802.11i. TKIP; PEAP etc…

It does WEP and all the PSK variants of both WPA and WPA2: AES, TKIP, mixed. It doesn’t currently do any non-PSK security, such as 802.1x or PEAP.


Thanks Peter,
One area in our workspace has 802.11i (enterprise) security, which is a pain even for android devices, only ios seemlessly connects to it. Is there a bridge of some sort that logs in under 802.11i and re rout (wifi) with WPA2, so I can get an IMP to work; crazy or possible?

Such a bridge is theoretically possible, but if your network admins allowed it on your network then there’s be no point in having the WPA-Enterprise security in the first place.


Point is I am trying to do it under the radar of the network admin. The idea is that to them the wifi bridge should appear just as another device logged in under WPA - Enterprise.