Wifi Outage Reason

I’m working with the imps and during the day I have some log pane messages like this:
[Exit Code] imp restarted, reason: wifi outage
i would like to know why this happens and what can i do to solve this problem.
Thank you!

there could be a few different reasons. Whats your rssi? if it is far from your router you might have dropouts. Also, is it next to 2.4Ghz noise? another thing might be the router itself. I had an Att uverse router that was horrible. My imps would state wifi outage a lot of times. I changed to an ASUS router (even another linksys one at some point) and i saw a huge difference. Now i see no issues whatsoever.

WiFi outage errors are when the imp loses connection to the server and fails to re-establish it within 60 seconds (this is the default SUSPEND_ON_ERROR policy).

Anything can cause this, including loss of wifi signal (eg on the edge of coverage), routing issues, DHCP or DNS issues during reconnect attempts.

We’re working on some ways to give us more detail on these events, but not sure if the extra detail will be exposed to users in the short term.

Can I configure the imp to not restart when this happens? NM Found it.