Wifi not as reliable when powersave is true

Some of the Imps that I’ve deployed were having wifi dropouts for approx 5 minutes ~15 times per day. It’s only been 12 hours but no dropouts now that I’ve turned powersave off. I’m guessing it’s related the powersave implementation in the AP as other AP’s are rock solid with powersave turned on.

What make and model AP is seeing dropouts? Is it on the latest available firmware?

They are at various testers houses so it’s various AP models, I believe one is an old Cisco 1240 series and the other is a brand new TP-Link. The third I won’t know until I’m back at work on Tuesday.

I had this issue and it was related to WMM (AP) in conjunction with the powersave mode (imp).

Luckily OpenWRT (AP Firmware) had a option to disable WMM.

We’ve noted some issues with WMM fighting the Broadcom firmware. Would quite like to give you a test version with a newer firmware if you’re game to test it out - email dev-team@electricimp.com if you’re ok with trying this.

FYI, if ‘WMM’ is a mystery, see this Wikipedia page.