WiFi Aware

Hugo, do you have any comment on recent announcements about Wifi Aware?

Is this something that Electric Imp could support? Where/how would it be used?

Just sniffing the Internet, I also see a company called Rockchip has made big claims a couple of months ago about low power WiFi technology. My immediate thought was whether their technology might be a good target device for the impOS. But, after watching the video, I’m not so sure how innovative their technology is. The blurb claims power consumption of 20mAh. I assume they meant to say 20mA, which still seems high compared to the imp running in powersave mode (in ideal conditions), at <5mA. I’m also not sure how they can claim a SoC solution when their CPU and WiFi chips are still sitting on different PCBs.

Wifi aware sounds like some extra stuff on beacons, but suspiciously all the reference implementations are high power 802.11ac chipsets.

Bit of a negative opinion, but from experience it seems that if a standard isn’t supported by Apple in the iPhone (and this one looks a bit like it wouldn’t be from a privacy POV) it’ll have trouble getting critical mass. See: BTLE, NFC, etc

The Rockchip was 802.11b and very low PA power. Seemed to be a triumph of marketing vs anything else, and 35 years from batteries which will self-discharge in 10 isn’t exactly the best claim :wink: