Where is Search & Replace?

When in Draft mode where is Find to look up code and do a Search and Replace?

Click on the code pane you want to search and hit <modifier>-F.

On a Mac, <modifier> is Command, on Linux Ctrl. Presumably it’s Ctrl on Windows too.

The S/R panel appears — hit the + to show the replace field:


Thanks so much!
I thought it use to be there but I couldn’t remember how to access it.

Hi Tony,

I just pulled out an old Hannah board with an imp001. When I go to Blinkup with the electric imp iPhone app I get an error message “unable to verify your credentials”. I just used the app a few time the other day with no problem. Do you know what the issue is?

Got it to work! I deleted the app and reinstalled it. I am now able to blinkup again.

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