Where can Chinese PCB assembler best buy IMP003?

Multiple Chinese PCB assemblers reported that they couldn’t source IMP003 from Digikey. However here in the US that is not a problem. Where can Chinese manufacturers best buy IMP003?

Digikey have an HK site: http://www.digikey.hk/

…generally, chinese companies don’t have a problem buying from there. Otherwise, you’d need to go through the other Murata distributors. You should give them the Murata part number (see datasheet) vs imp003.

It is not available at both digikey.cn or digikey.hk. Maybe you should provide the manufacturer P/N LBWA1ZV1CD-716 to them for check. It seems not a common parts usded…

I cannot see imp003 here on my local digikey.ie website either. That usually tells me that murata have US export restrictions in place.

Hmm. Will see if we can get this addressed in digikey’s system.

We’ve talked with Murata and they confirmed there’s no reason it isn’t offered on the other Digikey sites; they are working to resolve this now.

This should be resolved now - give it a try?