Where are your imps being used worldwide?

Hello, just for curiosity is there any statistics that you can publish about where in the world are your imps being used.
I´m in Portugal and i doubt that anyone are using it here beside me.
If i´m wrong i would like to know and share some ideas with my contry fellows :slight_smile:

Can you share this info?


We don’t provide count breakdowns by country, and I can’t easily tell if there are others in Portugal developing with imps – but I can say that there are a number of imp-based devices connecting from Portugal, and that – by our latest count – there are imps popping up regularly in over 110 different countries.

This map gives a rough breakdown of usage – the green dots are just devices that have come online in the last few minutes, not a reflection of devices currently online.

On map I cannot see Latvia - here imp’s are used from 2013 :slight_smile:

As Andrew said, that map is only a few mins of connections - it’s also subsampled so you won’t see every connection plus connections that are already established aren’t seen.

It gets too crazy to look at if you show every connection :slight_smile:

Wow, look at New Zealand go.