When will be HTTPRequest and HTTPResponse class available to public?

Some of the very cool API, like HTTP object, HTTP request and HTTP response were said to be available in March, 2013. But I still couldn’t use it for my Imp. Is there any particular procedure to get them?



Right now, email info@electricimp.com and ask to be put on the agent beta. We’re still polishing some bits of it, but you’re welcome to help us find the bugs :slight_smile:

It appears that HttpRequest and friends are still in beta (http://devwiki.electricimp.com/doku.php?id=electricimpapi:httprequest), what is the planned public release date?

Yes, still in beta until we fix up the new IDE a bit more. Functionality is all there and working well, though, so if you want to use it, just ask…

I would like to use it, where do I need to apply for access?


@gussmith - You’re all setup now, you should have received an email with more information :slight_smile:

Yes, thanks! I got it and I have a working example. Works great!


I would like to be part of the beta also. how do I get invited?

I would also like access to the beta.

Is there a way for me to dump out the contents for a HTTPRequest class instance before I call the .sendsync? I would like to see the headers and the body that I am about to post.

Thanks for the help

If I use this bata thing can I use an app like little devil to turn a led on and off from my phone? I don’t know anything about agents, clients and sending stuff from a phone to my imp. Can anyone explain to me how I would use an app sending json data to an (agent I think) then to the imp. I’m not sure if I understand this fully.

My recommendation would be to work your way through the many tutorials that have been posted, and familiarize yourself with each. Blinking an LED is fairly easy, but blinking one from a phone requires a bit more.
I’d start with @beardedinventor’s Instructible:

Then you need to learn how to communicate between the agent and the device, and how to receive data into your agent with HTTP. There are a number of examples on both the electric imp GitHub page, as well as my own:

This will make much more sense if you can learn a bit about:
How HTTP works and how to handle it in the agent
How JSON works and how to use it in the agent

I’m going to try to write up more tutorials soon, but there just isn’t enough time to do everything. :frowning: