When can we expect Agents?

I see several posts mentioning that Agents are coming soon. Can we get a hint on when we can expect them? “Coming soon” is a bit too vague I’m afraid… :wink:

I have no information…

From what I interpreted from the posts, they were going to do a “private beta” to a select few (I guess I am not the select few) and roll it out to everyone later.

I was really looking forward to them, but ran out of time waiting and implemented my own custom servers on my end. Since I want to be able to do iOS push anyways, I will probably need my own custom server anyhow, but it would really simplify things to have agents…

Agents are now in existence, but we decided that without the new IDE in place, development of agent code was a bit too much of a pain… so we’re working on the IDE updates before these go out to a wider audience.

You’ll like those too, but it’s likely to be jan before it’s available to general developers.