Whats wrong with My Imps

Hello all,

I have three imps here and none of them seem to want to work there all Imp001 versions and were working but now nothing . I un - boxed a spare one and I cant get it to leave the un-blinked state (Flashing orange) can any one help me please.


Rob C

What are they plugged into, what are they showing (the spare one is obviously flashing orange, but what about the others?) and what are you blinking up with?


I have the april boards and using a Samsung galaxy S3 phone running the latest application . The other flash Orange as well as I cleared the setting thinking it was the network .


Rob C

Have you got the latest version of the android app? Came out july 30th. This implements the trilevel blinkup. Your imp with mac ending 103b will work with this (and this works well with the SGS3 in our experience).

The other two imps are older versions and you’ll need to use the legacy blinkup mode option to configure them. After they’re connected once they’ll get the latest firmware and will be happy with trilevel blinkup.

It was a case of Power settings on the phone, ensure power saving is off when flashing up the imps :slight_smile:

We’ve improved this further in the next release too.