What's New on impCentral 2.0 Preview 10

New Features

  • Support for Polite Squirrel Deployment added:
    • Force deploy or conditionally deploy code to Device Groups.
    • Force restart or conditionally restart individual devices and Device Groups.
    • Choose current and minimum deployment levels for Device Groups.
      • Deployments lists highlight deployments accordingly.
    • Note Requires onshutdown() handler be added to the application device code.
  • List of recent deployments added to the Code Editor as a drop-down.
  • Further device controls added to the Code Editor:
    • Rename device.
    • Restart device.
    • Edit device settings.


  • The Assign dialog now defaults to the current Product and Device Group when applicable.
  • Device Group deployment lists now include a Restart action in the Manage column.
  • A new draft in Code Editor now defaults to the Device Group's current deployment.
  • The Code Editor’s Build button is disabled if no changes have been made to the code.

Bug Fixes

  • Pausing the log stream window now works correctly.
  • Various UI and browser window size-related issues fixed.
  • Code Editor now selected when clicking on the Code action after creating a Development Device Group.
  • Code Editor now correctly appears after creating a Product and a Development Device Group.
  • Code Editor’s Command-S hotkey now works correctly.
  • Promoted Development Device Group deployments are now correctly shown in Production Device Group ‘Deploy’ popups.
  • Code is now correctly deployed to Production Device Groups via the ‘Deploy’ popup.
  • Test Blessed Devices can now be restarted.

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