What to do and where to start?

My teacher came across some Electric imp tech, this includes the <a href=“http://electricimp.com/developers/devkits.php"target=”_blank">Hannah and April. He wants me to learn how to use the electric imp, and how to run it. I’ve never used Squirrel, so I’m stumped. Anyone got tips, tricks, hints, and maybe a tutorial to get this going? Rather it be just a simple LED switch (I do have RGB LED’s), or something more complex, I’d like to learn what I could

Check out the Dev Wiki - particularly http://devwiki.electricimp.com/doku.php?id=workedexamples

Okay, but how/what do I use to actually write the code. Like what IDE? I have my arduino software, but i didn’t think it was compatible.

considering that the imp is all cloud based , you use the online IDE

The planner. plan.electricimp.com

So, I put some code in the planner, but I can’t find any way to get it to run. Surely there must be some “here is how to get the first program to run” tutorial? For all I know I’ve got a dead one. It did get configured, but I can’t get past “blank”. The impees link lets me select my code instead of imp.unboundsq, but when I go back to that page, it is back to imp.unboundsq. Very frustrating.

Hi Alan, I was stuck at that point too…

Select your code from the Imp node in your ‘Planner’… not from ‘Impees’

Click the node, then click the settings icon (top right corner of the node)

Hi Alan

Sorry for the problems. The info provided by users here should help. That being said, refer to the development wiki for more information but feel free to post here if you’ve got questions.