What my MAC address?

OK. This is embarrassing…

I put an Imp on my network a few years ago for a project and it’s runs so smoothly doing it’s job that I never have to ‘monkey’ with it. However, the downside of rock solid reliability is things get forgotten; how to find the MAC and IP address of the device for example. Like everyone else, I have a zillion things on my LAN and now I am playing “find the Imp”.

How do I find the MAC address and/or LAN IP of my connected Imp?

I looked all over the IDE and clicked on everything I though was obvious, but I’m still not getting it.



…it’s also laser etched on the back of the imp card, if you can remember where you put it :slight_smile:

You might be able to narrow it down by MAC ID prefix. Are there consistent prefixes @Hugo on products you sell?

Yep, the 001/002/003 are all 0c2a69xxxxxx.

Thanks all!!!