What means "connected to the could" (Slow green LED flashes)


I’m having trouble commissioning my imp.
When I blink it up, it stays on the slow green flashes state, but it does not show up in the planner.
Anyone knows what this “connected to the cloud” = slow green LED flashes mean?

Thank you.

you have successfully blinked you imp and have connected to the impserver when you see the green light.
why you don’t see your imp in the planner could be a lot of reasons.
have a look at this forum and you find plenty. i’m sure it will be solved.

I think my card not working. With another card I can join a WiFi network, whilst this one now stays between green and red.

That red light doesn’t look good.
But there are some smart guys over here that can help you out.

If you’re getting slow green flashes, then fast red, then slow green and so on, you have a bug in your code and you are getting a runtime error (red flashes). It waits 5 seconds then reconnects (green flashes) and then crashes again.

Check your log for errors.