What is showing on the planner

Hi I’m wondering what are the nodes the planner is showing supposed to represent - is it the Device Id as per the ATSHA204 or is it something else, and how do I get the planner to show it.

I’ve an April board and Arduino Shield board, plus another prototype device “Particle Size Monitor”.
I’ve two Imps configured to this account. Can I get a list of what Imps are configured to this account?

On my planner I’ve two nodes - and they both appear to be running on the same device - and I can’t figure out how I should be managing them or mapping them.
I managed to get a version of the Analog Example working on the “Particle Size Monitor” when I thought I was running on the April board. Then I found I can swop the Imp out on the “Particle Size Monitor” device, and it works fine - just a different ImpMacId - which makes complete sense - but how do I see it on the Planner.
The framework looks great … and I’d like to try out three simple little products as a trial with Imp, and maybe I’m trying to run before I can toddle …!!..

So an update, from my findings stepping into the window “Impee” it seems to list the devices the Imps have been plugged into.
so with two Imp wifi cards, if I place the following at the beginning
server.log(format(“impMac %s impId %s”,imp.getmacaddress(), hardware.getimpeeid()));
I get
impMac 0c2a69000630 impId 23614ab236a7c9ee
and then remove/replace the other working Imp I get
impMac 0c2a69002275 impId 23614ab236a7c9ee

I found out on the Planner screen, if I delete the “blank” nodes - I can’t get them back through software.
However when I plug in the Imp to the Impee( ATSHA204) then it automatically puts the standard node on the planner board with the last known name in it.
Also it turns out that when more nodes are put on the Planner they are put exactly on top of each other - which was quite confusing to begin with as I didn’t know there were two there.

Code is associated with impee IDs, and that’s what the nodes on the planner represent.

You can have the same code associated with multiple impees. They will appear as multiple blobs, but unless you do something like server.show(hardware.getimpeeid()); the nodes will look the same - the “title” of the node is the first parameter to imp.configure().

The other thing to note is that if you delete a node, and there’s a bug in your code that prevents it getting to the imp.configure() line, the node doesn’t reappear - it’s the imp.configure that tells the planner to draw the node. If you see this, put an imp.configure() at the start of your code (or just have a single line firmware with an im.configure) and it’ll come back.