What IP address do the imps contact?

What IP address range at electric imp do the imps contact?


This thread might give you your answer.

I am more after imp outbound traffic to electric imp servers at sites with strict firewall security. Found IP (imp.electricimp.com) and Outbound TCP on port 31314 and TLS on port 993. I am thinking this is for development Imp’s and another exists for production setup imps.

That IP address is not even consistent for development imps; this is subject to change (and can at any time). All connections are TLS.

A couple of big clients require to know this, to allow imp enabled devices on to their access points and firewalls or it is a no go. It can be a range of IP’s. When it is subject to change we/they would need to know beforehand - I have raised a ticket in the EI support system.

Yep, we’re looking at options there. Nailing things down to even a range of IPs is bad for resiliency though - that’s one of the reasons DNS was invented, to break the dependency on “numbers that cannot change”.