What connectivity do i have with an android phone and an imp?

I wish to create a small circuit which controls a relay.
I just want an on/off button. thats all. not too much…maybe time when was set on would be nice.
Is there an easy interface for controlling the imp from my android phone?
If possible, can you show it to me?
Can the imp deliver data back to me?
like on some event, send an email or something similar?

Hey …I Actually need almost the same thing…
did find in google play the following APP called " Electric Imp Toggle" has anybody used it?

I’ve used it recently. In the app description on Google play there is a link to a site that has a read me and the source code. I set up everything as described there, and it worked as advertised. The process described in the read me only lets you see that the server is receiving the command from the app.
I went further and modified the Blink-O-Matic with Remote Control example so I could start and stop the LED blinking on my April board by using the Android app. The main change was to modify the input class to use the HTTP input rather than the input in the existing Blink-O-Matic code.
I went one step further and changed the Blink-O-Matic code some more to just turn the LED on or off rather than starting and stopping the blinking. That worked. You can control an output on the imp by using just the on and off buttons on the Android app.
HTC Thunderbolt
Android 4.04

Im in the middle of my own project, controlling the water heater through a relay.
Im sending an integer to my imp, there i parse it how i decide.
The app isnt too complicated, when I finish (the app is ready, but im going to change it a bit) i will tell here my entire story.
that will be after agents come along :slight_smile:

I don’t have an Android smart phone, thus I don’t have the native app. Because I wanted to do similar, I use a web page I own along with PHP. The PHP script does the POST to change pins 7,8 or 9 selectively. And one step further, I then have the Imp do an HTTP REQUEST (POST) to a PHP script to save the current state of the pins into a simple text file. Each time a pin state changes, it sends back the status of the pins, and also every 60 seconds it sends the status of the pins. I think this is important because there could be several people turning on and off the pins from different locations around the world … it’s a web page after all. Anyone visiting the web page for the first time needs to know what the current state is of the pins. Because I don’t have an Android, I’m not sure how that part would work with the native app. Also, it’s important to know if the Imp is even working (active online). So when the Imp sends the status of the pins to the PHP script, the script also writes a timestamp into the text file. When the web page is refreshed and the timestamp exceeds 70 seconds, it knows that the Imp has not reported a status and indicates that there is a problem with the Imp, on the web page.

Now my question really is, if I get an Android smartphone, and I somehow learn how to create native apps for the Android, is there a way to duplicate what I’ve done similar to my PHP script? Can the Imp do HTTP REQUEST (POST or PUT) to an Android app? Knowing the state of the pins is important, and knowing if the Imp is working is crucial.

You can use http objects to create post/get requests to the imp, and you can read the response
I dont know the mechanism of the agents yet, but if it supports GET than you’ll be able to read data from it
using setEntity("value={ … } ") works and you read the data as usual