Websockets ahoy? (agents connecting to websockets)

Any news on the support of websockets in the agent? It’s been bandied around as “coming soon” for a fair while. We have an application that will require it. I have to decide whether to wait for native agent support or to put an intermediate between the agent and the other party that will convert HTTP to websocket traffic.


Agents connecting to websockets or agents hosting websockets?

Both are on the list. Both have been deprioritized in favour of other things. Short version: it’s not happening in the next few months (at least); look at other solutions.

If you want bi-directional, there’s AMQP 1.0 on the developer server; we’ll have it on production in the next week or so.

The requirement is agents connecting to websockets. AMQP might be applicable. We’ll look at this later in the year.

This turns out to be premature. We’re going to let AMQP bake on the developer server for a while longer.