Website Content/User Management Engine

Does anyone have any recommendations on a good website content management system and user management system? (preferably integrated together but not completely necessary)

I’m looking to build a simple webpage similar to the way the planner manages everyone’s imps on the backside but on the front end I’d like to show graphical gadgets containing imp data instead of messages and with buttons/switches/sliders/etc. to control the devices. I’d like to have some sort of user management system so that I can display certain devices to certain users and also change what attributes are shown - so there may be a class of users that can control devices and another class that can only see the data they send. I’m not out to conquer the world but am just looking for a simple, easy to configure and use system. I can also do all the registration of users, assigning of devices, etc. manually (at least for now!)

Solutions like COSM are good for the data display piece but are missing the device control end (at least from what I can tell).

I’m fairly new to web development and have looked into Wordpress, Joomla!, and Drupal and various plugins for all of the systems - but I would love to hear any suggestions. This seems to me like something where there would be a free or open source solution to solve a common problem but I’ve yet to find anything that seems like a “slam dunk” for what I’m trying to accomplish.

If you are new to web dev, then is a great simple solution. Plugins available for user management and you can even run it without a db.

Most certainly not an enterprise solution, otherwise you would be better looking at something like drupal, but for an easy prototype solution it would be easy to pick up.