Web server with 20 I./O

associated with my project electric imp ; I search a module tcp ip allowing me to enable I / O with http request with a minimum of 20 I / O


Electric Imp with a shift register.

for this function , if I lose the internet connection , it would be binding

I do not want to use the cloud based

However, I am willing information about the shift register

nobody has an idea?
(except raspberry)
I specify that it is a project in connection with electric imp

I’m not sure what you want to achieve. You want your imp to be able to stay online if WiFi goes down so it can continue transmitting data, yes?

no, I rechereche a webserver module with I/O
but not dependent cloud.

this web server will be controlled by an electric imp.

Raspberry Pi is probably the best bet, yes. You can connect the Pi to the imp via UART, and the Pi can operate as a local web server for devices on your own network. In this way, the Pi acts like the imp’s agent.

This article will tell you how to set up the Pi’s UART.

I will seem difficult, but I do not want to use a rapsebrry because it is not easy to integrate , it is too big

The imp doesn’t offer a local web server. If you can’t fit a Pi, maybe try a Gumstix or Arietta?


You would want something working off same 3V3 voltage to keep it simple with uart, so suggest ARM based micros. This one may work FRDM-K64 You can program using MBED platform.

Thank you ,
I’ll go see it !!