Weather display with Imp, TellyMate and 3.5" LCD monitor

I had a burning need to find something useful for my Electric Imp, and a family that is always asking about the weather and the tides… Lo and behold - Wundergound API presents JSON, and Electric Imp processes JSON!!!

I wanted a dedicated and compact display and also had a TellyMate sitting idle, so I threw together Imp + April breakout board + TellyMate (output only, no level shifter) and a $20 Ebay 3.5" LCD monitor. Pics attached. A pretty basic Squirrel program fires off HTTP requests to Wunderground API, and gets JSON data back, which is simply formatted for the LCD. Presto!

A little Radio Squack project box, some zip ties and a shoehorn and I have all my wishes fulfilled :slight_smile:


That’s a good looking project!

Would you be into sharing code? I’m sure people would love a starting place for both working wiht Wunderground, and working the display you’ve got setup :slight_smile:

Wow, the tellymate is a neat little piece of equipment - I hadn’t seen that before! Very nice project :slight_smile:

Love the tellymate and a great solution to driving displays with the least amount of effort :slight_smile: