Was 5ma when setpowersave... Now 14ma?

I remember in a previous firmware version seeing only 5ma current draw measured to the 3.3v pin.
Now I’m seeing about 14ma on both Hannah and April. Odd Hannah is lower?
Why can’t I get below 5ma anymore?

Was imp.setpowersave(1);

Here’s the new code:
imp.sleep(5); server.disconnect(); imp.sleep(10); imp.wakeup(10, function() { server.log("Rise and shine!"); } );

What pin configurations do you have on? Some can cause the bus frequencies to be locked (eg UART) which results in a higher power idle.

Also, if it’s within the first minute of power up, when blinkup is active, the power will also be higher. You can do imp.enableblinkup(false) to turn this off immediately.

The code is complete above. Nothing is hooked to the pins. Will test your 2nd theory shortly.

enableblinkup(false) causes millis() to be off by up to 6%, so that’s not gonna work. But waiting for a minute does! 7ma with Hannah. It’s a great solution if only these 2 points were documented somewhere.

No, enableblinkup(false) doesn’t affect time these days; that was a bug in release 17. It was fixed in later releases.

Waiting a minute also disables blinkup, so on rel 17 also causes millis to be off, hence why the “accurate time” workaround was forcing blinkup on.

Are you measuring during the imp.sleep, or during the imp.wakeup? I wouldn’t expect those to be the same. (During imp.wakeup ought to be less.)


It’s about the same. You’re right Hugo, enableblinkup doesn’t affect time.

I’ve forgotten. I will test this: What current drain can I expect when it’s disconnected but sampling and not asleep?

You really need to measure it yourself; there are too many combinations of pin/peripheral setups for us to document all the possible states.

30ma it is!