WANTED Articles for the Electric Imp Community Blog

Many of you already know about our Community site. If you don’t, you can visit it at community.electricimp.com. It’s where we run more informal material than you would expect to find on the more reference-centric Dev Center. So it presents personal project write-ups, features hints and tips, features tutorials to help you use imp hardware and software in different ways, and reports on imp-related projects and products from shows and the retail world.

As the name suggests, it’s a community resource. That means it’s not just one of our ways of communicating with the community; it’s also something that community members can use too. So if there are hints and tips that you think would help your fellow community members, you have code snippets you’d like to share, you’ve posted a new Squirrel class on GitHub that you want to announce, or you have a description of an imp-based projects you’re working on or have completed and would like to contribute it to the site, please drop me a line.

Articles can be as long or as short as you like. Projects can be simple or complex. The only criterion is (obviously) that it is imp-related. You don’t even have to format the article – we’ll do that for you.

I know many, many of you have really interesting imp-based devices you’ve been working on. Come on, tell us all about them.