Wake pin on imp005?

I’m walking through the pin mux document for a new project using the imp005:

I don’t see anything on the imp005’s pin mux page:
that indicates which pin is used as the Wake pin.

Is it the W pin, like the imp003 and imp004?

The imp005 does not currently support deep sleep, so right now there is no wake-up pin. Implementing deep-sleep support on imp005 is currently scheduled for release-38 – i.e. not the (fairly soon now) next release, but the one after – and we can’t yet be sure exactly how it’s going to work. For now, low-power designs should avoid the imp005, in favour of the imp003 and imp004.

If you’re implementing something speculatively and won’t mind too much if it turns out to be wrong, the wake-up pins may end up being pins XA-XE.


Ah, that explains it.

I’ll definitely need deep sleep for my application, which I hope to start laying out a board for in the next couple of weeks. I’ll see if we can squeeze our I/O into the imp003 or imp004.