VSCode Plugin Deployment not Deploying Project

Hi guys,

For some reason today, whenever I deploy new code via Ctrl + Alt + X with the VSCode plugin, I see the code uploaded and can confirm it’s the latest deployment from Imp Central, however when my agent is restarted as part of the process it actually runs old code (confirmed by observing logs from old versions).

I have to go into Imp Central, make the latest deployment a draft, make a change to let me save it again and redeploy, this time is works.

No matter how many times in a row I redeploy from VSCode, I seem to get old code.

Could this have anything to do with polite deployment when my device isn’t connected? If so could we have a flag to force deployment from VSCode?

Many thanks

If your device isn’t online when you deploy then yes, that’s not a forced restart for the agent - the system keeps device and agent code in sync by updating the agent at the point when the device is given the matching deploy.

Paging @betsyrhodes who may know how to change this (or can take that down as a feature request)

Currently VS code doesn’t have a way to change its default deployment behavior. We are currently investigating how to add a feature so VS code and impCentral have similar deployment options. Not sure on ETA for fix yet.