VSCode extension Builder issue retrieving github files

I have been having an issue with the Electric Imp VSCode extension and Builder with retrieving code from github repositories. This problem has surfaced within the past few months because I know Builder through the VSCode extension had been working for most of last year.

When I try to deploy the project, it fails with the error from VSCode “Cannot apply Builder: Error: Unknown error: (exit code 1) (…\src\device.nut:8)”. Line 8 is where we have an @include with a github address to one of our squirrel files. I’ve confirmed my credentials in the auth.info file are correct and even tried generating a new github access token, but it still fails. We noticed that builder runs fine and the project deploys if we take out any @includes from github and just have local file includes. I also noticed that running builder through command line and passing the same github credentials that were in the auth.info file into the “pleasebuilld” command makes builder retrieve github files and build the source fine. Any idea of what might be the issue here?

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