Visual Studio plug-in please?

Is there any chance of getting a Visual Studio plug-in for squirrel/imp? I use Visual Studio with the Build API. I use VS “external tools” for imp log and imp push - the log shows in the output window, and have a hotkey for the push. It’s pretty slick!

I can also use a batch file for the push, which concatenates my source files before the push so that I can have source in multiple files (allowing me to share source between projects!!). I associate .nut files with javascript, which gets the syntax coloring close to what it should be. However, the table initializer syntax makes it so that the function contraction doesn’t work.

I love the imp and want to see it succeed!! I think Visual Studio integration would make it more attractive to a lot of people! Working in the online IDE is like working with one hand tied behind my back - it doesn’t tie into source control, I can’t have multiple files, and the window is just too small.

Thank you for your consideration! :slight_smile: Electric Imp ROCKS!!