Vimps are gone

First want to say what a cool little device!

I had my imp working and running the “blink-0-matic” code just fine with a sparkfun april board. I moved on to the remote example, and when I went to set up the planner adding a ticktock vimp does nothing, in other words no ticktock block appears. I tried adding a ticktock a couple times, and tried logging in and out of the service, and tried both chrome and firefox. Now half my vimps are gone! ticktock isn’t even an option anymore. Is there a way to reset the planner? Any suggestions?

Strange. Tried it just now and it seems ok. Try shift-reload (or shift-click reload icon) in chrome to force a real reload.

Tried doing a shift reload as suggested.

I did accidentally delete my imp at one point, but got it back working. I’m not really sure of the sequence of events or if deleting the imps block has anything to do with it. Screen capture of the problem attached. Same on firefox.

You are only seeing the last 4 icons in the list. Can you try scrolling with the cursor over the list?

What version of chrome? It looks fine on mine (mac version 22.0.1229.79).

Might also be worth opening an incognito window and trying from there in case it’s some sort of history issue, though I’ve never seen anything like that before.

I tried scrolling with no luck. Also tried scrolling on a chrome incognito tab and in firefox. Chrome version:

Version 24.0.1297.0 dev-m
Google Chrome is up to date.

I also tried clearing my history for the past day in chrome. That didn’t work either.

It’s possible in chrome it’s a chrome-dev issue (it goes through instabilities in my experience), but then it’s happening with firefox too which mostly rules out a browser issue.

Anyone else seeing this?

I can’t seem to do anything in Planner right now. Also, both my Imps are 1hz green from powerup, and no app activity.

The vimp issue was just figured out; we hit some server limits in the last couple of days that required tweaking. Should be OK now!

More hamsters needed. I’m doing mundane work that pays the bills this week, so am more or less imp-less. Once I start with them configuring GPOs looks less fun.

I’m getting a 2hz green led blink on power up - Imps not active in the Planner. Are you still having server issues?

Please can you provide an Imp Cloud status page? This will give us one place to watch for any issues.

Now back on; power cycled a few times and re-blinked, it then went through a firmware upgrade (solid green) and connecting now just fine.

Just wanted to say thanks for your help everyone. My planner is working now. When I opened it today there was a huge stack of ticktocks waiting for me. LOL!