View server-side, per-impee logfile (by itself) without web code editor

The easy server log function, as in… server.log("Hello World"); …is a great feature. It would be even better if I could view the log from my smart phone, sans the full web code editor, which doesn’t load properly on my phone’s crappy browser.

I’m thinking just a very basic webpage with raw text output of the log file, perhaps limited to the last 200 entries or so. Maybe the ‘viewlog’ page could be a sub-directory of the Agent URL itself, as in “” where “” was the base Agent HTTP request page assigned to that unique impee. Then everyone could have easy access to their own log, much like the Agent itself, no user login required.

As a side note, in case anyone else is in need of this feature like I am, I’ll share my current workaround… Since I absolutely must be able to view certain status parameters on the go for my application, I use a home brew PHP external log, whereby the Agent sends POST requests with log data to the PHP script and the script writes the data to a text file on the server, which can be viewed from anywhere with any browser. The problem with this is that the free PHP-enabled host server I use seems to experience frequent communication interrupts with the Agent server. (Probably a common problem among free hosting services, I presume.) So it would be awesome if the log viewing functionality could be integrated with the official Agent server.