Video Snap shots with Imp?

I’ve believe others have asked about video streaming but could the imp process a video still image size 100 to 400 KB

//Use case
PIR triggers movement then camera takes snapshot and pipes to an Agent which intern pipes to a cloud API for storage.

Thanks as always

There isn’t room to store 400KB, or even 100KB, in the imp. But if the still can be streamed out of the camera peripheral (i.e. if the camera doesn’t really mind how slowly the data is asked for) then yes, the imp could stream it straight off to the cloud for actual processing.


…and indeed, adafruit will sell you a VGA camera with on-board JPEG compression and serial output :slight_smile:

Thanks guys.

You could, in theory, use an Eye-Fi card to handle the bulk of the work here — similarly to this project:

May be a bit of overkill since you already have a wi-fi connection with the Imp, but it may be easier.

awesomerobot - thanks for this

Hi Peter,

How big a chunk can be stored on the imp before it needs to be uploaded? Having the capability to periodically take and upload a single small picture would be useful to me.



I assume this could be made to work.

The imp has about 60Kbytes RAM available to Squirrel. Given the other bits and pieces that might be involved in getting data to and fro, you should probably be able to store a 30-40Kbyte image.


Has anybody made progress with taking and sending images using the Imp? Care to share a link or tips?

I am also seriously looking for a camera for the imp, anyone?

I have done it with Serial JPG and Arduino Uno with 2K RAM.

Brilliant, what camera? And is there some OSHW or code that might be usable?

Here’s the tutorial: