Very good idea

What do you think of this project :
it’s very nice
it is created with a arduino system
do not there is a similar solution with electric imp ?
touch screen + electric + imp editor content ?

If my device is sitting monitoring the temperature and making it available over the ethernet, I don’t see how an expensive display helps me - my smartphone has the display, my C3V0+ sits at home monitoring the temperature. If I want to carry it round with me logging my “absolute speed”, my smartphone has the GPS and display and connectivity all on its own. It looks nice, but count me out.

I can see value if you need a smartphone-style display in a fixed location, eg. mounted to a door, but I think I’d get the bits and build an imp and have all that useful agent functionality.

well, one day i think my neck will appreciate a wall-mounted screen over a cell phone screen.

phones and tablets are too easy to get lost in. if i have to stand in front of a tablet on the wall, i’m gonna be a lot more likely to pay attention to my family than my mobile device.