Using UART Tx pin for other task

I need 3 UART’s to receive data from 3 devices. No handshaking or transmitting.
imp have 3 UART’s - all 6 pins are occupied. Can UART Tx pins be used as digital pins to write just 0 or 1 if all 3 UARTS are configured. Or at least one pin.

Yes, you can. You should specify NO_TX in the uart configuration, but it will probably work just fine if you just configure the TX pins as GPIO.

@jwehr thanks! I will try.

I did something similar with my garage Imp, where I only needed Rx, and wanted a digital out, so used pins 1 & 2. The code looked like this:

DistanceSensor <- hardware.uart12;
DoorController <- hardware.pin1;

DistanceSensor.configure (9600,8,PARITY_NONE,1,NO_TX,DistanceSensorEvent);
DoorController.configure (DIGITAL_OUT);`